Did you know that cats are naturally adept at hiding signs of illness?

Routine veterinary visits are especially important for the early diagnosis and treatment of feline health problems before they become severe and costly. That's why we are participating in the "Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?" national campaign by taking steps to raise awareness about the importance of routine preventative care for all cats, regardless of age or lifestyle. 

  • Cat with Green EyesA special waiting area to keep your cat away from dogs, or immediate access to a quiet exam room
  • Veterinarians who understand the particular health care needs of your cat
  • Well-trained Team Members who know how to handle cats in a gentle and effective manner
  • Feliway diffusers in every exam room to promote a sense of well-being in cats
  • Special cat treats in our exam rooms
  • Tailored feline vaccine protocols
  • Parasite control recommendations specifically for cats

Our entire health care team is dedicated to making your cat's visit as stress free as possible.

Please feel free to call us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you and your cat soon!