Cat Playing with Claws

Scratching and biting are normal behaviors for cats. However, sometimes felines choose inconvenient spots to scratch. They often need encouragement to do it on the RIGHT surface.

Our play behavior sometimes encourages feline pets to bite inappropriately, so we have some tips to help you play with your cat in a way that does not encourage biting:

  • Keep your cat's nails nice and short — trim nails every 3-4 weeks
    • Two-person system works best
    • One person should grasp the loose skin at the nape of the neck, called the "scruff"
    • Lay your feline pet on its side
    • One should grasp the paw and place one finger above the nail and one on the paw pad, then squeeze to make the nail pop out
    • Trim the nail, cutting only the clear area and avoiding the quick
    • Most cats have 5 nails on both front feet, 4 nail on both hind feet
    • Use appropriate nail clippers